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Gender Affirming Voice Services.

Communication is a basic human right. When your voice production does not align with your identity, it impacts all aspects of your life. I believe that all voices are beautiful and unique, and I understand how essential it is to have a voice that aligns with who you are. work collaboratively with my clients to help them achieve their vocal potential and discover their individual and authentic voice. I ensure that you use your explore your voice in a safe way.  Making changes to voice production without proper technique can lead to vocal nodules or other voice problems. My goal is to help you discover your voice, which reflects who you are and is sustainable over time.


An assessment will include the collection of a case history, relevant medical history, a self-rating questionnaire, and assessment of voice.  This includes recording your voice during reading and conversation.


Treatment will focus on a variety of aspects of communication, such as resonance, pitch, intonation (the rhythm of speech), rate (how fast the person speaks), nonverbal communication, and vocal health.  Voice therapy is highly individualized and content of sessions will vary based on your needs and goals.

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